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Mr. Anurag shani has completed his graduation in Mass communication and journalism from
Jagannath institute & Management Sciences in between 2010 to 2013, He is very
passionate about his work, he so
Innovative with his ideas and the creativity are the next level,& his results driven like
a leader, his pure focused on achieving exceptional results in highly competitive
environments that demand continuous improvement, ent he just got placement in his
first year of college in one of the best news channel in India in 2011
“ I have started my fairs & exhibition carrier In a very reputed company from July 2013-June 2015
& I was on the domestic projects and handling the exhibitions site as I have a good command
over language and good communication skills, and I was carrying of all my overseas and
domestics clients to grow the business.”
During his work in exhibition events and trade fair industry he completed his MBA
in Marketing and International Business to gives new height towards his work and his
Professional life.
Later he joins another Event Management Company for the duration 2015 – 2017
In his 2 years of working experience in exhibition management he build more deep
relation with the clients and after his 2 successfully years he joins SGS International.
At SGS International the key areas of expertise in Marketing Research, Event Management, Business Development,
Marketing Communication, Team Management, Marketing Strategy, Public Relations are most of the fine fundamental
prospects of Mr. Anurag Sahni.
After his 8 successfully years in trade fair industry he moved ahead and established his own organization called VINTAGE
MEDIA and now he totally occupied in fairs & exhibition industry and now he is working on a project to grow
VINTAGE MEDIA in worldwide and making the company success in the world and people will know about the company
through his dedicated team support and his passion through his work.